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 SMG Series conductor fastening clamp
Application to the fastness of 10kV or below overhead line with insulators.
1.The clamp is made of high intensity aluminumalloy, light and graceful designed;
2.Easy installation, simple construction;
3.Durable service, abrasion resistance;
4.No magnetization and eddy current loss;
5.Repair and maintenance free,fire resistance; ensure safe and reliable operation of wire.
Technical Data
Type Applicable Voltage(kV) Applicable conductor(mm2) Dimensions(mm) Note
SMGS-P20 ¡Ü10kV 25~240mm2 ¦µ106 200 180 Shell:Weathering Plastic
SMGS-P15 ¦Õ84 160 130
SMGS-PS15 ¦µ66 153 120
SMGL-P20 ¡Ü10kV 25~240mm2 ¦Õ106 178 157 Shell:Aluminum alloy
SMGL-P15 ¦µ84 160 135
SMGL-PS15 ¦Õ66 146 117
SMGL-PS15N ¡Ü10kV 25~240mm2 ¦µ55 146 105 PS15-300
SMGL-PSN 20kV 25~240mm2 ¦Õ76 170 150 PSN-170/12.5S
Installation way and effect picture

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